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Why You Should Consider Cork Flooring

Why You Should Consider Cork Flooring

Every flooring industry game-changer, such as luxury vinyl, took some time to catch on among homeowners. Many of these truly innovative flooring solutions, however, will stand the test of time. Although introduced decades ago, cork flooring is one such flooring solution. Though it evolved slowly over the course of many years, it is now considered one of the most eco-friendly and unique alternatives to hardwood flooring. If you haven’t considered cork flooring yet, the team at 5 Star Flooring has some reasons why you should!

Unique Visuals

Similar to bamboo flooring, another hardwood alternative, cork flooring has unique graining that still provides warm, natural wood-like appeal. Thanks to its tile format and wide-ranging shade options, finished floors can be as creative and one-of-a-kind as desired. The newest manufacturing techniques can also produce cork floors that resemble hardwood, marble, and concrete. Often used within casual décor or spaces where antique patina will fit in appropriately, well-sealed cork flooring is suitable for almost any room in the home.

Better for the Environment

As more builders and homeowners strive to use sustainable materials, cork is an excellent green choice. Cork is actually harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree, which then regenerates with no harm done to the tree. The cork bark is then ground up, compressed, and bonded with resin to form sheets. At the end of its life cycle, this biodegradable flooring option will break down and be returned to the environment.

Naturally Soft Construction

Cork is comprised of millions of tiny air-filled chambers that naturally insulate rooms and block noise transmission. Not only does this unique construction improve heating and cooling in the home, but it also creates a soft, resilient surface underfoot that’s perfect for standing on for long periods. In addition to cushioning falls and trips of little ones, cork flooring has better “give’ and will resist dents. As a bonus, cork contains an element called suberin that naturally repels insects, small vermin, and other organisms.

Easy Installation & Simple Maintenance

Professionally installing cork flooring costs about the same as professionally installing bamboo flooring, which means it is considerably less than hardwood and has a relatively easy DIY installation. The last step of installing cork requires applying layers of quality sealer to the surface of the floor, which adds lasting protection against liquid spills and stains. This also makes finished cork floors easy to care for with regular sweeping or vacuuming to remove dirt and particles, along with occasionally damp mopping. Over the years, you can refinish and re-sand the surface of your cork floors as you would with hardwood!

When you are ready to explore the possibilities of cork flooring with all of its natural beauty, pay a visit to 5 Star Flooring in Mount Vernon, WA. Let our flooring experts help you complete an eye-catching design vision with this attractive, eco-friendly flooring option.