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Why You’ll Love Bamboo Flooring

Why You’ll Love Bamboo Flooring

We cherish the undeniable beauty of hardwood flooring. This stunning, reliable surface gives us an instant connection to nature. Domestic species like oak and maple are thriving within the industry, but exotic species are also making a major impact with homeowners. Here at 5 Star Flooring, we carry another option that stands out for different reasons—bamboo flooring.

With a multitude of exciting looks, robust textures, and valuable performance attributes, bamboo flooring is an eco-friendly alternative to hardwood that can uplift your home design while providing exceptional durability and improving resale value. Here are some of the reasons why you’ll love bamboo flooring.

It’s Exotic & Visually Appealing

With a wide range of color and texture choices to select from, it’s easy to create a bold style statement with bamboo flooring, since many of its exotic shades and unique marbled graining are not found among domestic varieties. As airy, lighter colored hardwood species such as grey, white, and blonde continue to surge in popularity, bamboo can easily help you match this color palette and natural aesthetic as well. Bamboo provides all the warmth and rustic charm that wood floors are prized for, with additional unique options to select from.

It’s Durable

Hardness and durability vary among wood species. Thankfully, though, bamboo flooring can handle the activity in your home with ease. Strand-woven bamboo is extremely tough—tough enough to handle the high-traffic areas of your home while resisting scratches and dents. In fact, strand-woven bamboo has a Janka hardness rating that is almost three times harder than oak wood. Now, that’s durable!

It’s Environmentally Friendly

One of the main reasons homeowners are interested in bamboo flooring is because it’s considerably more environmentally friendly when compared to hardwood. Bamboo isn’t actually a tree at all—it comes from a grass that completely regrows every three to five years after being cut down. Therefore, bamboo floors offer sustainability that wood species simply can’t. Many bamboo options are Forest Stewardship Council approved after rigorous testing to validate that they do not add to the destruction of forests and animal life. So, if you don’t like the idea of cutting down forests to achieve the look you love, choosing bamboo flooring is a great way to support the environment while still receiving authentic wood beauty.

It’s Affordable

As many hardwood lovers know, genuine wood comes with a higher price tag and a costlier installation than other surfaces. However, bamboo flooring is more affordable than traditional hardwood options, especially when it comes to green options and premium wide-plank formats. If you are DIY inclined, bamboo floors are one of the only genuine wood options that can offer a floating floor installation. With the vast majority of hardwood options, you will need to foot the bill and hire professional installers.

Interested in bamboo flooring? We can help! Visit 5 Star Flooring in Mount Vernon, WA today! Our flooring experts are ready to help you find incredible, environmentally certified bamboo styles to complete your home!